Wooden Play Sets

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12ft. Gang Plank

A great way for your little ones to up into their "ship". Notice our superior side rail construction. We feature two rope (instead of one) threaded through closely spaced upright supports. Fits 5' floor heights.

Horse Glider

Give two younger kids a swing ride at the same time. Very popular! Available in yellow, green, and blue.

Monkey Bar Climber

This section of monkey bar climbing will be enjoyed for many years. Come with textured powder coated rungs. Can be added to nearly any set.

#421 Family Night Special Play Set

Spend bright summer evenings making family memories with the Family Night Special Wood Swingset. Help the younger ones zoom down the 10’ Scoop Wave Slide or build towers in the Sandbox. Cheer on your youngsters as they scurry down the Fireman’s Pole on a pretend adventure or tackle the Monkey Bar Climber. They’ll love to have you join them for a game of Tic Tac Toe.

#515 Astronomer's Workshop Play Set

Let your little astronomers romp all over this Deluxe Sky Tower Swingset. The lower deck is open, allowing for excellent nighttime views of the Big Dipper. Access to the tower is afforded by four unique accessories. A spiral "escape chute" ushers little star-gazers to ground level when it is time to go to bed. Three swings stand ready to take them heavenward upon their choosing.

Child's Chairs

If you need some cute kid sized chairs you've come to the right place. Built sturdy out of pressure treated wood so they will last for years.

Tire Swing With Safety Chain

A tire swing is always great fun! Available in yellow, green, red, and blue.

#404 Great Fun (Modified) Display Model

One of our most popular sets thanks to the fun options and great price! Already stained and ready to pick up or us to deliver. Rent-To-Own $159 month
$2,920.00 $2,336.00

#520 Love and Laughter Play Set

Lovely evenings of warm summer sun, soft laughter floating on merry breezes... Take in the fun as your youngsters. Enjoy the Love and Laughter playset from Play Mor Swing Sets. The 14’ Scoop Wave Slide issues a rush of adrenaline for little riders. A 4 Position Swing, 10' high, thrills little hearts with its soaring capabilities. Vigorous exercise awaits ready hands and feet.

Disc Swing With Knotted Rope

A disc swing attaches to a disc swing attachment beam for hours of dizzy summer fun! Available in yellow, green, and blue.

#127 Adrenaline Rush Play Set

Looking for a thrilling experience with your children as they grow up? The Adrenaline Rush Swingset stands ready to please. It features, at an upgraded level, all of the attractive options that the popular Family Favorite set offers and more. A sturdy Ladder, 14' Scoop Wave Slide, and challenging 10' Swing Height, add a pleasing new appearance to this old standby. Designed for years of happy enjoyment, this swingset is at the next level of performance in our popular Watch Tower series.

#130 Jolly Fun Play Set

Spice up your life with the Jolly Fun Swing Set. Enjoy a savory burger at the built-in picnic table under the main 4’x5’ deck. Work off some calories as you push the children on the swings or assist them on a ride down the Wave Slide. You'll all have a jolly time in the safety of your own backyard with this handsome little swing set.

#433 Easy Fun Play Set

Encourage the children to stay out in the sunshine with this vividly colored Easy Fun Swing Set. Join them for lunch at the Picnic Table and let them show you their morning’s sculptures in the Sandbox. Give the little one a safe ride in the carefully designed Baby Swing. The older ones will enjoy rides on the Sling Swings and 10’ Wave Slide.

#531 Backyard Beauty Play Set

Add some color and fun to your backyard with this Backyard Beauty Play Set! Have a fun picnic on the included picnic table then swing and slide the afternoon away on the four swing accessories and 14' scoop wave slide. Have some climbing fun on the 7' rock wall.

#535 Deluxe Supreme Play Set

This swing set is absolutely loaded. A carefully crafted Gang Plank affords easy access to the lofty Deluxe Sky Tower. A 7' Rock Climb challenges any youngster's climbing abilities. A 14' Scoop Wave Slide provides a quick adrenaline rush. The Monkey Bar Climber affords muscle-toning exercises while the High Ride swing attachment provides a ticket to hours of thrilling fun.

#545 Lovely Leisure Play Set

Add some color and fun to your backyard with this Lovely Leisure Play Set! Have a fun picnic on the included picnic table then swing the afternoon away on the four swing accessories which includes a tire swing. Take a fun ride down the turbo tube slide. Have some climbing fun on the 7' pipe climb.

#550 Happy Haven Play Set

Create a safe cove for fun and relaxation in your own backyard with this fine wooden swing set. The 10’ Height on the High Ride swing attachment is sure to provide plenty of swinging thrills. The Deluxe Sky Tower brings plenty of exciting opportunities for climbing and sliding, while the cabin below offer a happy haven for club meetings, tea parties and more.

Buoy Ball With Safety Chain

Add some variety to your swing set! Very safe with padded grips and rubber ball. Available in blue, yellow, green, and red.

#142 Treasured Times Play Set

Install a favorite destination at your home with the Treasured Times wooden swing set. Plan a "staycation" for the children this summer by investing in your own backyard playground. This set offers swinging, climbing, sliding, and dining in the safety of your own property. Cherish your children and spend time with them while you can.

#441 Pleasant Times Play Set

Looking for some positive playtime fun for your children this summer? With the Pleasant Times Wood Swingset they’ll have little time to be bored. They can spend their free time swooping through the sunny air on the Sling Swings, the Horse Glider and the Disc Swing or speeding down the 10’ Scoop Wave Slide and the 8’ Wave Slide.