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#906 - Captain's Cutter Playset

Give your little captains the yacht of their dreams. Whether they pretend to be on a big boat, pirate ship or Noah’s Ark, adventure awaits on the main deck with the Ship's Wheel, Telescopes and Child's Round Table and Chairs. They can get there by climbing the 4' Cargo Net, 4' Ladder or 10' Gang Plank. Exercise happens automatically when they fly down the 10' Scoop Wave Slide and jump on the Sling Swings, Horse Glider or Trapeze with Rings. The five Flags are included just for fun and color! They will have years of fun growing up with this beautiful big backyard play set.

#907 - Admiral's Launch

Your mighty sailors can scramble up the 4' Rock Climb and the 10' Gang Plank to the fore deck where the admiral peers through one of the telescopes and gives orders to the helmsman on the aft deck. They can sail the seven seas and glide down the 5' Turbo Tube Slide and the 8' Wave Slide, then swing on one of the sling swings, horse glider or trapeze with rings. Their adventures will continue for years as their imaginations grow, pretending to command a fleet of Pirate Ships or Noah’s Ark with the Admiral's Launch Wooden Swing Set.

#910 Ship's Ahoy!

Gather the crew for a whooping good time aboard the Ship’s Ahoy! Swing Set. Everyone can holler helpful observations to the Captain at the Ship’s Wheel as they navigate the ship through the tossing waves. When seas are calm, the sailors will enjoy a hearty snack around the Child’s Picnic Table or plummeting down the 14’ Scoop Wave Slide. With this swing set, lazy afternoons will become a shipload of fun for the youngsters in your life.

#911 Historic Adventures Play Set

All aboard for a voyage to the past with the Historic Adventures Swing Set! Your hardy sailors will love reenacting the discovering America or new southern islands. Two Telescopes aide in sighting trouble in time to turn the Ship’s Wheel for a new direction. When travel is smooth, notations of the new lands can be recorded at the Child’s Picnic Table. The young sailors can stay spry by maneuvering up and down the Rock Climb and Cargo Net. Various swings and a 14’ Scoop Wave Slide help fill the long hours of floating on the open sea.

#920 Stately Abode Castle Play Set

Calling all young princes and princesses to the delightful Stately Abode Playset! Your youngsters will feel like the precious gems they are as they spend countless hours with this deluxe Dream Castle playhouse. Their imaginations will soar as they climb the Ladder to the Guard Tower area and use the Telescope, Periscope, and Steering Wheel or whoosh down the 14’ Scoop Wave Slide on some escapade. Inside the playhouse, with its Child’s Round Table and Chairs, just might become the popular place for them to spread out their projects and store their treasures.

#925 Snug Haven Castle Play Set

This cheery Snug Haven Playset can entertain your children with hours of creative play. The Dream Castle is pleasantly inviting with its six Flower Boxes, four Shutters and Flags. Upstairs they can keep watch over the yard with the help of the Periscope and Telescope. Sling Swings and a Trapeze with Rings are just a stone’s throw away from the bottom of the 14’ Scoop Wave Slide. Back inside, the Child’s Round Table and Chairs provides a great place for hobbies like drawing and crafts. Give your children’s playtime a regal twist.

10ft. Bridge With Rails

Your youngsters will love breezing from tower to tower using this connecting bridge. This bridge is simply an extended version of the 6' bridge. (Not available with ropes of ladder.)

Pipe Climb

Great for kids who love to climb! Available for 4', 5', and 7' floor levels.
From $161.00

Trapeze With Rings & Safety Chain

Every set should have one of these! Give your young acrobats a way to show off their talents. Padded rubber grips around the chains provide ultimate safety. Available in yellow, green, blue, and red.

Youth Picnic Table

Your child grew? No problem. Our Youth Picnic Table is big enough for young and old alike.

#104 Big Space Saver Play Set

This is a big swing set in a small package. With a footprint of just 10’ x 15’ this wooden outdoor swing set packs more fun per square foot than any other set.

#111 Family Favorite Play Set

Ready for some old fashioned fun? Take a look at the Family Favorite wooden play set, a top selling unit that provides a lot of play value at a modest price. The tower features a sturdy 4'x5' platform with a high-quality canvas overhead and a roomy sandbox beneath. Attached to this tower is a 4 Position Swing Beam and a 10' Wave Slide, creating the perfect setting for many family memories.

#411 Deluxe Dandy Play Set

Thrill your youngsters with the dandy features of this deluxe wooden play set. From the top of its bold-colored canopy to the bottom of its covered sandbox, and out to the end of its creative swing attachment this set is designed to grab children's attention. Climbing, dangling, driving, sightseeing, swinging, sliding, scouting, digging.... a partial list of its healthy activities!

#511 Deluxe Delight Play Set

Delights abound on this deluxe wooden swingset. Your youngsters will probably start by romping up the Gang Plank and swooping down the 14' Scoop Wave Slide. When they are tired of that, they are likely to tackle the challenging Rock Climb or the tantalizing swings. The sandbox will offer them hours of excavating fun within its roomy sides. Brighten your backyard with its delights this year.

#912 High Seas Explorer Play Ship

Get ready to embark on some High Seas Explorer Playset adventure! Children can navigate their course with the Ship’s Wheel and two Telescopes. The Turbo Tube Slide and 10’ Scoop Wave Slide help the children feel like they are truly rolling on the waves. They can fly with the sea birds on the Sling Swings and the Trapeze with Rings. After gathering treasures on the shore they can take the stepping stone path of the Rock Climb back to the deck again where discussions of their findings can happen around the Child’s Picnic Table.

10ft. Gang Plank

A great way for your little ones to up into their "ship". Notice our superior side rail construction. We feature two rope (instead of one) threaded through closely spaced upright supports. Fits 4' floor heights.

4ft. Or 5ft. Cargo Net

Offers climbing fun with a challenge! The network of rope makes things interesting. Available for 4' and 5' floor levels.

Child's Round Table And Chairs

This cute little round table and chairs set looks great inside our larger play sets like our youngster's yacht, baby yacht or dream castle. Includes table and 2 chairs.

#115 Childish Glee Play Set

Add a splash of color and cheer to your backyard with the Childish Glee swing set. It sports a happy little tower connected to a 3 Position Swing Beam. Your youngsters will spend hours under its cheerful influence, swinging to their heart's content, building sandcastles together, climbing the Cargo Net or holding top secret meetings in the safety of their "treehouse."

#415 Hours of Fun Play Set

Encourage your children’s health and imagination to flourish with the Hours of Fun Wood Swingset. Let them pump back and forth on the Sling Swings and Tire Swing, try acrobatic maneuvers on the Trapeze with Rings and create sandcastle masterpieces in the Sandbox. Keep the sand clean and ready for next time with the Sandbox Cover.