Wooden Play Sets

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#944 Clickety Clack Play Set

Are your children train engineers? This playset will provide hours of fun and excitement for your little engineers and train crew. As one kid steers the engine the others can use the periscope and telescope to peer out and make sure the way is clear as they rumble into the station. This playset also features the 10' scoop wave silde and a 5' turbo tube slide, two of most thrilling slides we offer. Plenty of exciting memories will be created as they tirelessly climb the rope ladder or slide down the fireman's pole. Add this to your backyard today to turn your kids dreams into reality.

#950 Happy Landing Harbor Play Set

Whether your children enjoy adventures on the high seas or prefer high class etiquette and castle life, this Happy Landing Harbor Playset is bound to please them all. A 10’ Bridge with Rails leads the way from the Youngster’s Yacht with its Ship’s Wheel and other navigating gear to the Dream Castle and its exciting Turbo Tube Slide. Nearby are the various swing options, a Seesaw, and your choice of one of three Tables. With so many creative accessories, your children will love to spend countless hours rambling around this backyard treasure.

6ft. Bridge with Rails

A fun walkway with a graceful dipping curve in its floor. Made to connect two towers.

Child's Picnic Table

Plan a kid's sized summer picnic on this 3'x4' child's picnic table. Very cute!

Climbing Pole

Add some zip to your playset with this climbing pole! This powder coated pole has rounded edges for lots of safe fun.

Fireman's Pole

Add some zip to your playset with this fireman's pole! This powder coated pole has rounded edges for lots of safe fun.


Spice up the look of your playset with these high quality flags. Available in red, green, yellow, and blue.

Hand Grips

Add a pair of hand grips and give the little ones something to grab on to. Available in red, green, yellow, and blue.

Hand Rails

Make your playset as safe as possible with these long, sturdy hand rails.

Knotted Rope

Let the kids have some climbing fun with this knotted rope add on. Requires a jungle gym attachment.


This fully functional periscope with dual mirrors can be used for spying around corners and over walls. Available in green, yellow, and blue

Poly #131 Fun Haven Display Model

This great little set has some great features like a picnic table, heavy duty slide, and more! Best of all, it's maintenance free! This is a display model at our Ontario, OH location, discounted to sell as soon as possible. Available for you to pick up or for delivery if you would rather have us do the work. Rent-To-Own $173 month / 24 months
$3,171.00 $2,537.00

Rock Climb

Our very popular rock climbs feature realistic molded, non-slip rocks without sharp edges. Available for 4', 5', and 7' floor levels.
From $368.00

Rope Ladder

This rope ladder can be installed on any of our towers with an end ladder or jungle gym attachment.

Scoop Wave Slide

Our most heavy duty slide with raised sides for extra safety. Available in yellow, red, green, and blue. 10ft and 14ft lengths. 10ft length fits 5ft floor height and 14ft fits 7' floor height.
From $299.00

Ship's Wheel

Ship Ahoy! Turn your ordinary tower into an imaginary sailboat, sternwheeler, or speedboat at your youngster's choosing by adding a Ship's Wheel. Comes in yellow, green, or blue.

Sling Swing With Safety Chain

Our most popular swings! The rubber hand grips keep small fingers from getting pinched. Heavy duty. Will support adults too. Available in yellow, green, red, and blue.

Steering Wheel

With a steering wheel attached, an ordinary tower suddenly becomes a truck, a train, an airplane, and more! Available in yellow, green, red, or blue.