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Vinyl Pergolas

Duralux™ Vinyl Pergolas


Like the pergolas of Renaissance Italy, these fine vinyl pergolas are designed to add delight, charm and romance to the backyard experience.

  • Elegant Quality Pergola Design
  • Lifetime Warranty on pergolas
  • Built on site or Kits Available
  • Maintenance free Pergolas
  • Custom Pergolas and Sizes Available

Enjoy the serenity of the outdoors. simply exquisite, Never needs painting!

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FEATURE:Angled Slats

BENEFIT:Provides Apprx. 75% Shade and offers unique look
FEATURE:All beams routed through posts and columns

Added durability and structural strength
DuraLux Vinyl Pergola Notched Joists FEATURE:Notched Joists and Quality Construction

BENEFIT:Added strength, stability and longevity
FEATURE:2" x 8" Beam with Aluminum I-Channel where applicable

BENEFIT:Added durability and structural strength
OPTION:One side attached to existing house

BENEFIT:Easy access to outdoor living pergola space
2 x 8 Beam with
WOOD where

BENEFIT:Added durability and structural strength
OPTION:Plate attached to house or building

BENEFIT:Added durability and structural strength
OPTION:Outdoor Blinds

BENEFIT:Beauty, privacy, and protection from elements