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#101 Tiny Treasure Play Set

This cute little gem of a play set can be nestled into almost anyone's backyard. It features a spacious tower with a 4'x5' main floor and a quality sandbox. Attached to the side is a swing beam with a Baby Swingand Sling Swing for hours of swinging fun. A 10' Wave Slide adorns the front of the tower, adding to the excitement. Your child will love this little wooden play gym and you are bound to treasure the memories.

#102 Happy Space Saver Play Set

This Swing Set a turns a tiny spot into a place for huge fun and overflowing imagination. It is perfect a small backyard, using vertical area to increase playtime room. Children will enjoy the freedom of kicking their feet in the air on the two swings. They won't even notice they are getting healthy exercise while they play in their new and improved lawn. Put a Happy Space in your backyard.

#103 Extreme Space Saver Play Set

Calling all climbers! This set is perfect for children that love to climb. With a 7’ floor level there is plenty of height to challenge your adventurous ones.

#104 Big Space Saver Play Set

This is a big swing set in a small package. With a footprint of just 10’ x 15’ this wooden outdoor swing set packs more fun per square foot than any other set.

#105 Simple Joys Play Set

This no-frills swingset offers plenty of old time delights. Two sling swings and a trapeze bar ensure countless hours of swinging fun and a 10' Wave Slide further adds to the joys. The roomy tower offers plenty of opportunities for "camp meetings," "tea parties," or whatever other activites your child can dream up. Choose this wooden swingset and you will be set up for years of simple joys.

#111 Family Favorite Play Set

Ready for some old fashioned fun? Take a look at the Family Favorite wooden play set, a top selling unit that provides a lot of play value at a modest price. The tower features a sturdy 4'x5' platform with a high-quality canvas overhead and a roomy sandbox beneath. Attached to this tower is a 4 Position Swing Beam and a 10' Wave Slide, creating the perfect setting for many family memories.

#115 Childish Glee Play Set

Add a splash of color and cheer to your backyard with the Childish Glee swing set. It sports a happy little tower connected to a 3 Position Swing Beam. Your youngsters will spend hours under its cheerful influence, swinging to their heart's content, building sandcastles together, climbing the Cargo Net or holding top secret meetings in the safety of their "treehouse."

#1180 Backyard Splendor Display Model

$3,375.00 $2,700.00
A big, tall set with loads of options and fun including a giant slide and a rock wall! Already stained and ready for delivery or pickup.

#120 Family Fun Play Set

You will want to gather the whole family around this multi-purpose swingset. It offers a lot of creature comforts for little Family Fun times. The youngsters can clamber all over the upper deck of the tower, swoop down the Scoop Wave Slide, climb the Pipe Climb, or point their toes toward the sky on the Sling Swings. Purchase this swingset and sweet summer memories are bound to follow.

#127 Adrenaline Rush Play Set

Looking for a thrilling experience with your children as they grow up? The Adrenaline Rush Swingset stands ready to please. It features, at an upgraded level, all of the attractive options that the popular Family Favorite set offers and more. A sturdy Ladder, 14' Scoop Wave Slide, and challenging 10' Swing Height, add a pleasing new appearance to this old standby. Designed for years of happy enjoyment, this swingset is at the next level of performance in our popular Watch Tower series.