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Deluxe Watch Tower

Deluxe Watch Tower Playsets for Children

Tower Dimensions: 63" x 91-1/2"
Floor Levels: 4' and 5'

This may be a good swingset choice for you if you have more "excavators" and fewer "young ladies." It features a large 5' x 8' sandbox and TWO 4' x 5' floor levels. The lower level (4'level) has three standard openings, and the upper level (5' level) has one standard opening with a possible 5' Climb opening. "Deluxe" is the word for this tower because possibilities abound. (A 4' Ladder and two Flags are standard equipment for this tower.)

Pictured below are examples of outdoor swingsets that just might be what you are looking for. Can't find the one you like? We can design one to your liking! Call us (419) 529-9887

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#404 Great Fun Play Set

Expand your horizons with the Great Fun wooden swing set from Play Mor. This model serves as an introductory set in our Deluxe Watch Tower series. With double the floor space of a Watch Tower, it takes the fun to a whole new level. Of course, the sandbox size also increases (5'x8' versus 4'x5') and available accessories multiply. This swing set sports a Three Position Swing, 10' Wave Slide, and 10' Gang Plank in addition to the luxuries of a Deluxe Tower.

#410 All Aboard! Play Set

Clamber aboard this outdoor playset for lots of fun in the sun. Eager little hands will love the feel of the soft grip chains on the sling swings as they propel themselves skyward. Busy little feet will find their way on the Gang Plank, through the roomy Deluxe Tower, and down the Wave Slide. Innocent little hearts will bond with playmates as they explore all the possibilities of this spacious set.

#411 Deluxe Dandy Play Set

Thrill your youngsters with the dandy features of this deluxe wooden play set. From the top of its bold-colored canopy to the bottom of its covered sandbox, and out to the end of its creative swing attachment this set is designed to grab children's attention. Climbing, dangling, driving, sightseeing, swinging, sliding, scouting, digging.... a partial list of its healthy activities!

#415 Hours of Fun Play Set

Encourage your children’s health and imagination to flourish with the Hours of Fun Wood Swingset. Let them pump back and forth on the Sling Swings and Tire Swing, try acrobatic maneuvers on the Trapeze with Rings and create sandcastle masterpieces in the Sandbox. Keep the sand clean and ready for next time with the Sandbox Cover.

#421 Family Night Special Play Set

Spend bright summer evenings making family memories with the Family Night Special Wood Swingset. Help the younger ones zoom down the 10’ Scoop Wave Slide or build towers in the Sandbox. Cheer on your youngsters as they scurry down the Fireman’s Pole on a pretend adventure or tackle the Monkey Bar Climber. They’ll love to have you join them for a game of Tic Tac Toe.

#425 Network of Joy Play Set

This sturdy play set offers a network of fun activities. A shaded upper deck on the tower features the added delights of a Steering Wheel and Telescope. A Pipe Climb and 5’ Tower Tunnel with ladder provide entrance to the tower while a Tunnel Twister Slide and 8’ Wave Slide provide quick exit routes. The Deluxe Monkey Bar Attachment offers a challenging climbing station.

#433 Easy Fun Play Set

Encourage the children to stay out in the sunshine with this vividly colored Easy Fun Swing Set. Join them for lunch at the Picnic Table and let them show you their morning’s sculptures in the Sandbox. Give the little one a safe ride in the carefully designed Baby Swing. The older ones will enjoy rides on the Sling Swings and 10’ Wave Slide.

#441 Pleasant Times Play Set

Looking for some positive playtime fun for your children this summer? With the Pleasant Times Wood Swingset they’ll have little time to be bored. They can spend their free time swooping through the sunny air on the Sling Swings, the Horse Glider and the Disc Swing or speeding down the 10’ Scoop Wave Slide and the 8’ Wave Slide.

#444 Backyard Attraction Play Set

Do you struggle to provide a wholesome outlet for your children’s boundless energies? Draw them outside for some vigorous physical exercise with the Backyard Attraction play set from Play Mor Swing Sets. You will find plenty of healthy activities, ranging from swinging and climbing to sliding and dining, for your youngsters to enjoy in the great outdoors.

#450 Backyard Bliss Play Set

This Backyard Bliss Swing Setis a ticket to lots of fun within the comfort of your own property. The children will love having their own playhouse with its Shutters and Flower Boxes. Inside the playhouse, the Child’s Round Table and Chairs provides a place for crafts and special snack times. A 10’ Gang Plank leads up to the tower where they can act out creative scenarios...

#457 Happy Hearts Play Set

Cozy spaces, happy places, climbing challenges, swinging fun, sliding thrills... experience the joys of the Happy Hearts wooden swingset. It provides many special opportunities for healthy activities in the safety of your own backyard. Don't send your children to the park to find friends of their own choosing. Help them choose good friends under your own watchful eye.

#466 Outdoor Oasis Play Set

An oasis in a thirsty desert provides refreshment to weary travelers. Let the Outdoor Oasis playset bring refreshment and relaxation to your family in the business of life. A good playset can provide a place for you to “come apart” before you actually start coming apart. Unwind with your children while they clamber inside and out, up and down, and all over this attractive playset.